How to pair and connect blepad to hj580?

Hi, i want to pair up a blepad with hj580 so that i can send data over from blepad to hj580, but i couldn’t find a way to do so. Please help me…thanks

Please check our email instead.

I didnt receive any email

Ok. Let’s talk here.

  • Have you bought a HJ580 module alone? Does the firmware for module support central and peripheral mode?
  • Or you just talk about the HJ580 module on BLEPad?

I bought hj580 and a blepad, now i want to connect both of them

How to check the mode?

Please check the AT command manual for the module. Does it support only peripheral mode? You can also ask the vendor of the HJ580 module directly.

The HJ580 module on BLEPad support two roles. So the module is more expensive than normal HJ580 module.

It looks like this one… I couldn’t connect program it or detect it via Bluetooth on pc at all, how to enter AT mode

It support serial transmission only. You should use Arduino board or USB to UART converter to communicate with it. Please check the information on the page where you bought the module.

Yes, i connect it to Arduino, but need to pair up in order to send data over right, so now i dont know how to pair hj580 ( connected to uno ) with the blepad

I assume your HJ580 can only work as peripheral. To confirm it, you should use an iOS device and app LightBlue to scan the module.

Our BLEPad can work as central role. Please check the sketch. You should install the library BLEPad_UART first.

The problem is when i power it up, i couldn’t detect it on lightblue, i connect the vcc, gnd, and awakening pin correctly

How am i suppose to connect the pin to Arduino so that lightblue can detect it?

Does the vendor provide any document about the module? It should contain a simple test schematic to test the module.

nope, there is nothing at all, it just come with the component

do you have any sample pinout connection to Arduino uno?

Please check hardware files for BLEPad here

  • blepad.pdf - the schematic file for BLEPad. You can find how we wire HJ580 and ATMega32U4
  • hj580-combo.pdf - AT commands manual for HJ580 (written in Chinese, support peripheral and central role)
  • hj580-peripheral.pdf - AT commands manual for HJ580 that support peripheral only

how to enter AT command?

Hi, I change my blepad to central mode, how do I make it scan for a peripheral hj580 so that they can pair with each other? thanks

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