How to pair 2 bleepeds together

Hi, can I know how to pair 2 blepad together and send data from one blepad to another one?
I try to send data from the first blepad to the second one, but the second one cannot receive it. Please help me. Urgent.


Please test them these way

  1. Flash BLEPad A with sketch central.
  2. Flash BLEPad B with sketch atCommand
  3. Put them together and wait about 10 seconds. View the serial monitor for logs

BLEPad A run in central role. It will scan peripheral BLEPad and try to connect it. BLEPad B run in peripheral role

will it auto connect every time? how about hj580 module? do the same thing?

will it auto connect every time?


It should do same thing. But I don’t know the full information about the module you bought. Could you please post the link where you bought it?

i connect the hj580 to arduino mega and upload the atcommand code to it, but it only show ? in the serial monitor

I will try to get one piece of this module from local market. Could you please tell me what application you will make?

the hj580 i am using is actually exactly same as the one on the blepad, but i couldnt pair the hj580 with blepad.

Have you tested pair two BLEPad? The firmware for them are difference maybe.

i have tested using 2 blepads, it ran through the AT command, but i think they are not pair up as i couldnt send message over

One should run central code, another run AT command sketch. Did you flash sketch right?

yes i did, is there any way i can upload a screenshot to let u see my output?

You can upload screenshot to imgur or flickr.


These are my outputs
First picture is the slave one
Second is central

  1. Please open the serial monitor for the central BLEPAD.
  2. Type after you saw the word “OK”.

You can check the connection status for it. two response: <CONNECTED> or <DISCONNECTED>

it is now conncted, however i still cant send data from the central to the peripheral

i tried to send 123 from the central to the peripheral, the output of the central is " CONFIG MODE BUSY

Wait central about 10 seconds. it will exit config mode soon. see this line

thanks! its working now.
but blepad (central) with hj580(peripheral) still not working, i am unable to send AT command to the hj580 which is connected to a Mega

What device name is the HJ580 module when you scan it with mobile? Is it HJ580X or HJ580?