Firmware update issue............?


i am trying to update my Bluduino firmware to 2.2.2. but in telnet terminal i didn’t get any response when i type AT.

You should change the baud rate to 9600 instead.


i have changed the baud rate to 9600. now i got response when i type AT command . But when i click load image in Serialboot tool …

Did you close Termite first before you pressed “load image”? The serial port must be release first

everything is done fine. after that i have uploaded the hardware serial monitor sketch. now the board is noy responding to any AT command . which shows
Hello BlueDuino

at starting

Choose line end mode from “No line ending” to “Both NL & CR”. Your command must end with “\r\n”

now its fine. can i upload my custom firmware like this…?

or can i program the cc2540 by any ways…?

when i am trying to bond with BlueDuino a pin number is asked for pairing .

now the pin is 000000 can i change it to my custom number…?
or have any AT command to check whether bonded or not…?

You need a CC Debugger to program cc2540. You can’t upload your own firmware with serial way.

We’ll try to add a new AT command for the feature

can you please give me the details of programming using cc debugger

Please check the TI CC Debugger page. Here’s a link for how to wire the module to CC Debugger

i would like to know when the next firmware will be available…?

should be available in next week

i need these requirements so is it possible to meet it with next firmware…?

  1. the board should ask a password (pin code) when any device is try to connect with the board…?
  2. this password should be user programmable …?
  3. it should be possible to know whether an external device is bonded or not…?

thank you

ok. We’ve added these to feature list.

ok thank you.

i understand that a small moduled named ILT254S is mounted on the board. so is that small module is independently programmable …?
if so can i get the board from you…?

Yes. It’s programmable. I can send a free board to you if you place next order to us.

how can i order that…?

See my private message at right upper conner