Can I set up the Wireless iBeacon Receiver to find any BLE device?


I am looking for exactly the same application as Moskus. Can some one please confirm that if I buy a “wifi beacon scanner” today, it would have the latest firmware on it so I would not have to go through the trouble of upgrading it? On a unrelated question, where can I buy “YuePixels WiFi LED Driver”?


Yes. If you buy wifi beacon scanner today, it already have latest firmware.

You can buy YuePixel WiFi LED Driver here.


@aprilpea Hello.

I would like also to use my receiver with HomeSeer and any BLE device.

Right now it doesn’t report devices like this one or my own phone (in fact I doesn’t have any devices the receiver reports but I guess it’s working fine as I get a solid green led) :

I understand I must flash new firmware. Where should I find it?

Right now it’s running firmware 0.10

Thank you.



Is this where I should buy your products Would the bean scanner purchased from this site have the latest firmware?



If the BLE device advertise as iBeacon protocol, the receiver can detect it with default settings. If the BLE device run as other mode, you should change the setting “Scan Mode” to “RAW mode”.

firmware 0.10 is the newest version. It should work for you.


The store at tindie is also handled by us. So you will also get newest hardware and firmware from there.


Can you please confirm packet data format for v:0.10 as this is different from Wiki?