Can I set up the Wireless iBeacon Receiver to find any BLE device?

I want to integrate motion detection by tracking our Fitbit devices or other simple BLE devices, and send the signal strength to my home automation system (to HomeSeer via MQTT). Using 3 or 4 Receivers I can triangulate the position and get much more reliable data than just using PIR.

So the question is:
How can I find any BLE device in range?

(Also quick second question: What does a slow blinking green light mean?)

Yes. It’d possible if BLE device keep advertising. But the default firmware just scan iBeacon device.

We need some customize work to support the feature.

(Also quick second question: What does a slow blinking green light mean?)

The blinking green light mean it was uploading beacon data.

Oh, I would absolutely love to see this implemented! :smile:

As far as I can tell, there are several “health trackers” that keep advertising their presence, albeit on different intervals. Fitbit seems to be more or less always on.

What do you require to add this option to the firmware?

Need to update both firmware for BLE module and WiFi module. Please check my private message.

Seen and replied.

I would love to do the same. Is it possible to recieve a DM with more info as well?

Hi phaeton,

It need some customize work. We will working on that after weeks.

Cool, do you have an estimated time of arrival?

Maybe two weeks. I will notify on you.

We’ve got a new version firmware for just send raw data. Here’s a data sample


An example string:

  • 123B6A1A5513 - mac address
  • A8 - RSSI
  • 1E - data length for advertising data
  • 0201061AFF4C000215FDA50693A4E24FB1AFCFC6EB07647825000A5513C5 - raw advertising data

We will do more testing these days.

Cool! Can we download this already somewhere?

Yes, this is fantastic!
I’d gladly help out debugging. :slight_smile:

You need prepare a USB to UART converter 3.3V. It will be used to upgrade the firmware for BLE module.

The other updating can be done by OTA.

Cool, where can we download? Are there any instructies?

I’ve sent a private message to you. Please check it.

Please can i have the intructions too

Hi all,

I will add a wiki for how to upgrade the firmware and notify at the topic this week

Here’s the wiki. Please check it

The image on the wiki is gone! :frowning:

I just received the USB-UART connector. Can you send me the firmwre?

Please check the below of the wiki. I just uploaded a firmware to the page.

Let me know if this work.