ABTemp sensor measure range


I just buy your Wifi reciever + ABTemp, with successfully conected to our cloud.

Then got issue when I put ABTemp for Chiller monitoring, it show 255 (temp reading) when it reach below 0 Celsius.

What is the range for temp sensor/reading ?



We’ll try to reproduce the issue at our side.

Firmware V1.1 is available.

What’s new

  • Bump version to v1.1
  • Change the temperature data to 12bit
  • Fill the whole minor value with temperature data, no battery level any more

How to calculate the temperature data

// Convert the data to 12-bits
    int temp = ((minor[0] * 256) + (minor[1])) / 16;
    if(temp > 2048)
        temp -= 4096;

How to upgrade firmware

Please download the firmware file and see this link

Hi aprilpea,

Thanks your for your quick response.

Solved the issue by this using simple code on the parser :

temp01 = parseInt(temp01, 16);
if (temp01 > 150)
temp01 -= 255;

With result : {“sensor_id”:“123B6A1B3BCF”,“temp01”:-11,“batt01”:85,“rssi”:-86}

I prefer using old firware with battery monitor…

thank you.