Could not upgrade EEK beacon firmware

I bought EEK beacon, the firmware version is, and my purpose is to support LINE beacon feature.

According to this page, I have to upgrade firmware to 3.0.9.

I follow How To Upgrade Firmware steps, TI SensorTag 5.0 installed in iPad, drag the firmware file eek_fw_2.img to SensorTag’s Documents area.
Choosing “Sensor view” got the “No GUI” message, and could not go to “FW Upgrade” step.

Please help me solve this problem.

Thank you.

Please download our app AprilBeacon and connect EEK beacon. Use the app to upgrade firmware

I had install latest AprilBeacon App in iPad, my first impression I saw update no function. I will check again.

Should I drag the firmware file eek_fw_2.img to AprilBeacon APP Documents area?

Yes. You must do this first

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Following your instruction, after the firmware being upgraded, I got LINE Beacon broadcast type and able to edit hwid, and works fine.
Big thanks!

Thank you for confirming this.

I wonder how do you play with line beacon? I can’t install Line app in China. That’s not in the app store.

LINE beacon is recommended to promote sales for physical store and try to make more interactive with consumers. I’m not sure whether it will be popular?
I want to use beacon for activities check in, or let the server know this user is in our place, and the server will provide more options for this user.

LINE always be blocked in China, I don’t know why? Maybe the chat platform, not in China, will be denied.

Wechat platform programming develops for a long time and is advanced. LINE platform programming develops not so long time and add new features slowly, much room for improvement. But both culture are different, worth experiencing.

How to EEk firmware image file copy to AprilBeacon APP Documents Area?

  • Open iTunes at your PC and connect your iPhone with usb cable.
  • Click the iPhone in iTunes - Click Application tab - Make the page down, find the “File Sharing” - Choose AprilBeacon
  • Drag the firmware file to AprilBeacon’s Documents area

Thank you very much!!

我想要設定 Hardware ID,請問該如何升級?
aprilBeacon裡面Broad model只有三個選項{iBeacon,UID,URL}

只能使用iOS app升级固件。升级固件之后,会有Line beacon的选项