AB BLE Gateway V4, Msgpack alternative

Any idea when ?

New firmware will be available in next week.


We pushed the beta firmware to OTA server today. Please use our Android config tool to try the firmware

How to upgrade

  • Open the config app and connect the gateway
  • Tap on Advanced
  • Choose beta branch and tap on “update”

Please download the new configure tool for laptop . (Ignore the MQTTS and HTTPS option). This new tool support new option “Request Format”

Let me know if this works for you

The max number of advertising data is 90 for JSON format.

first off let me thank you for turning this around so quickly, I really do appreciate it !!!

Second I noticed the beta client link you sent was windows only… Do you happen to have a build for Linux / OSX ?

I also dont have an android… I did use the old config tool, did yarn start and then ran update firmware… It said it updated but i am not sure if it actually did.

Currently it says its running Firmware Version

So how do I proceed given that I dont have a Windows machine or a Android phone ?

@aprilpea So I managed to get a windows machine and run the tool but it doesnt seem to accept / save the JSON option. I have tried restarting it several times and i have even tried simultaneously changing the mqtt topic and the message format and I see the new topic used but w/ the msgPack format…

notice the default topic was ab/hello and the new one was clearly ab/device

Sorry. I forgot to note the firmware version is v1.2.5.21. This version firmware supports JSON format.

The android app can switch to testing branch for gateway. You must do this first. Can you use curl command? I will send private message about how to switch to testing branch by command line.

Thank you , this is great !

Hi, witch android app are you refferring to? i can not seem to find it.


How did you switch to testing branch for gateway?
I have same issue as you, by not getteing higher firware thea v.
@aprilpea is reffering to an android app, but i am not able to find this.

Please check the Gateway Configure Tool v1.0.5 For Android

Working but sadly my broker still don’t read json.
Any possibility to include nodejs library in future release?

Best regards

Sorry for reply delay?

Did you update firmware to newer version?


Nothing to be sorry about. Im not in any rush :slight_smile:
I did manage to update software, and can now choose between MessagePack and JSON.
Running now software
But my broker unfortunatley does not read either one.
I`m trying to implement this BLE reciever in Homey smart home automation hub.
On this i have one broker/client i have found that can run on the automation hub, and this only reads nodejs.
Is there any way nodejs can be added as request format in future software releases?

Best regards

Did you mean you can only request with nodejs client to the BLE gateway?

Hi, I use the following mqtt broker on my automation hub to communicate. And as far as i can see it only supports mosca nodejs library.

please see attached link for more information.

Please check the source code of our BLE viewer. It uses nodejs with mqtt library.

Hello, I managed to get the gateway to firmware 1.4.9, but can’t find a config tool that can choose to switch from msgpack to plain json. Can you help?

Never mind, found the current release version for config tool from github