AB BLE Gateway V4, Msgpack alternative



I bought a AB BLE gateway to track ibeaons and to hopefully intergrate to my Homey home automation system. On this system i have an MQTT boker and client but my problem is that it apparently cannot raed Msgpack strings. Can something be done to send the messages not as masgpack or use a parser.?

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Please check msgpack.org. Here’re some exists library for parsing msgpack.

Is this helpful? or do you need a parser tool instead?



Thank you for the answer. What I am as you suggest looking for a parser tool. That can parse the code sent from the gateway live, and that my broker can pick up.
Do you know of any out of the box solution for this?
I have a Rpi3 that maybe i can use for this job.
I guess there is no way to change the outgoing message from the Gateway directly?



We made a tool ble viewer which can subscribe message from MQTT broker and parse message from gateway.

You can also find the source code there. The tool is written in nodejs + electron.


The overwhelming theme I see in these forums are you are a strong advocate for msgPack and everyone else its a giant pain in the a** for them and would like another option. Is there any chance you would consider an optional non-msgpack mode for those of us that would rather not put up w/ that format would just want simple text/json ?


The packet size of JSON is much larger than msgpack (400%). It should be a performance problem.


ok, but in small environments it would still work… I think you should leave this up to the user rather then forcing an opinionated binary codec down everyone’s throat

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Thanks for your suggestion. We’ll try to add the feature in future.

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