ZeroBeacon firmware update that includes peripheral names?

Hi, when in central mode I understand that ZeroBeacon filters out the response data and does not include the peripheral name, is there any plan to release a version of firmware that does include the name? It would be really useful.

Also what is hex format returned for SCAN3, I had assumed it would be same as first 15 bytes of SCAN4, i.e. bytes 9-14 MAC address and 15 RSSI, but was I receive does not seem to be in this format. SCAN4 works great but I don’t want the advertising data.

For info I am using BlueDuino and it is great.

ZeroBeacon firmware just do passive scan not active scan. So you can’t get scan response data (contains device name). I think we can add a new AT command for switch passive/active scan. For example

AT+ACT=1 => active scan, AT+ACT=0 => passive scan.

What’s your requirement about the scan behavior?

The only requirement that I have is to get the MAC and peripheral name, I am not actually interested in the advertising data for my project (I don’t think this is returned by an active scan).

It makes no difference to me how the data is returned, i.e. ASCII or HEX would be fine for me.

For me a single scan ‘cycle’ would be most convenient, i.e. not to keep scanning, but again I can cope with either behaviour.

Many thanks

The peripheral name is usually in the scan response data from device. A BLE device will send scan response data only when it got active scan.

  1. Scanner start active scan
  2. Device receive active scan, send scan response data
  3. Scanner get peripheral name from scan response data

That sound good.
So do I:

  1. Perform passive scan to get MAC addresses
  2. Send an active scan req to each MAC address.
  3. Receive a scan response with name, power, beacon id, firmware, battery lever.

I cannot find much information but I’m sure i can work it out if I am able to send active scan request and receive a scan response.


new firmware v2.2.8 is available. Please check the ChangeLog.

Amazing service, I will flash my blueduino and let you know how I get on, many thanks

See my last comment:

I have upgraded firmware and switched to active mode, but I get exactly the same responses as I was getting in passive mode for every scan type.

Is there a simple example using AT commands?

(For info I have definitely upgraded successfully and AT+ACT1 returns OK:Set=1)

I was expecting to receive different/more data when in active mode.

Edit: I have just noticed that one of the responses I am receiving has now changed and I can see my daughters camera name embedded, however my actual beacons are returning the same response as before, I was expecting response type 4 but I am mostly getting 0.

Peripheral will not send scan response data often. Did you get scan response data from your beacons once?

Basically yes, I will scan for a longer time :slight_smile: