ZeroBeacon Arduino IDE

Hi. I have connected a zeroBeacon to the Pc and it found a LilyPad Arduino. Is there the possibilty to program it like an Arduino with a BLE module? Is there any existing example .ino program to download?

Please refer the Tutorial. You can test the hardwareSerialMonitor

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Hi, where is the similar application for Android ? I need an example code or APP for Android because i transfer a value from Smartphone to ZeroBeacon and reverse


Please refer the wiki. There’s a new app bluo.

Tanks for quest but today, after download APP “Bluo”, I have install this code into the ZeroBeacon :

  1. Smartphone receive data from ZeroBeacon (OK)
  2. ZeroBeacon (bluetooth) not receive any data from SmartPhone ??
  3. Whyle in the schema at this link i see TX (PIN 1) and RX PIN(0) while i see on board TX (PIN 0) and RX(PIN 1) (???)
  4. **Where is APP “Bluo” source code for Android ?? **


#include <SoftwareSerial.h>

*// 0,1 (receveid on SMARTPHONE OK !!!) *

SoftwareSerial mySerial(0, 1);

*void setup() *

  • Serial.begin(57600); *
  • // set the data rate for the NewSoftSerial port*
  • mySerial.begin(4800); // BLE*
  • mySerial.println(“Hello Word”);*

*void loop() *

  • if (mySerial.available()) {*
  •  Serial.print(;*
  • }*
  • if (Serial.available()) {*
  •  mySerial.print(;*
  • }*

Please use hardwareSerial instead softwareSerial. Here’s a sketch.

We have no the source code for bluo.

Tank’s i solve