Wireless iBeacon Receiver SDK beacon seen datetime

I have bought a set of Wireless iBeacon Receiver and I want to find out is it possible to get the date and time when a beacon is seen?I can do it in server side but If the number of requests increase It may face some problems. So It would be great if the receiver itself sends the date and time in addition to beacon information. Is it possible?Or does anyone have any idea about this issue?

Sorry. It’s hard to add date time for receiver. It need connect NTP server to get date time. But sometime it works in a LAN network and can’t connect to NTP server.

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I have another question, Is there any internal clock pulse or things like that so we can calculate time stamp relatively? In fact I am afraid of php server’s performance reduction during high amount of requests every second so it results an inaccurate timestamp when I want to save incoming scanned beacons result/?what solutions do you suggest for this problem?Is there anything even I must consider?

time stamp relatively is possible. But there’s a message ID (mid) exists now. Does mid resolve your issue? Our AB BLE Gateway 2.0 has supported relative time stamp already.

Can you please give me some more information about mid?how it show relatively time stamp? and does AB BLE gateway 2 a newer version of ibeacon receiver? or what?When I wanted to buy them I were confused about these two devices and it ended up with ibeacon receiver.

Can you also give me some information about possible experiences you have when about number of receivers increase and the requests increases to and their performance?thanks

mid is message ID that self-increment. It will plus one automatic for every message.


Can you please give me some information about AB BLE as I have asked the sell department and they said these are the same and ibeacon receiver only have an additional support for MCQT protocol but it seems the AB is newer, thanks

What’s difference between AB BLE Gateway and WiFi iBeacon Receiver:

  • Gateway scan all BLE advertisement data not only iBeacon default
  • Gateway has better BLE scan ability that can get more data in same time
  • Gateway has smaller size
  • Gateway support MQTT, HTTP and WebSocket protocol. Receiver support MQTT only

Thanks very much for your help. It seems your sell department did not have these information as they said ble receiver is better than Gateway, Anyway, How can I setup more than one BLE receiver with only one remote server?is it even possible?

Yes. It’s possible. For example, let’s say you have a MQTT broker server mqtt.yourhost.com. You also have three receiver A, B and C.

  • Configure WiFi for three receivers
  • Change MQTT broker to mqtt.yourhost.com for three receivers
  • Now your MQTT broker server will get datas from three receivers

You can also setup more receivers with same steps

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Thanks for your help, My only problem is with usb port, is it only for power?right?
another question is about configuration process, I have seen wifi starter app on android, well is there any other app for windows?also we must connect phone to the same wifi which we want to setup reciever right?

For receiver, yes.

The receiver will try to connect WiFi AP that SSID/password is hello/12345678. You can make a WiFi AP with SSID/password hello/12345678 first. then configure with your PC. Please check this wiki also

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thanks very much for your information