Wireless iBeacon Receiver - Filter by Advertising data or MAC


I have the iBeacon receiver already set it to scan in RAW mode which provides me with the BLE MAC and advertising data.

How can I limit scanning for BLE devices with a specific manufacturer MAC (first 3 bytes) or advertising data? The UUID filter field in the web interface of the iBeacon receiver requires 32 characters (16 bytes).


iBeacon Receiver doesn’t support filter by Mac address. You can filter data at your server side.

Thanks for the quick reply.
Do you know of any BLE gateways/receiver that can filter by Mac address?

We’re working on the feature for our latest BLE gateway v4. It should be available soon

Great. Thank you. I see that I can already order it. When would it be shipped out?

The feature is not available for current gateway v4. Please order it after 2 weeks.