Wifi connection Cactus Micro Rev2

Hello everybody. I’m trying to learn Arduino environment and I started it with a Cactus Micro Rev2. Cutting parts from codes found on internet, I have this code:
#include < espduino.h >

#define PIN_ENABLE_ESP 13
#define SSID “"
#define PASS "

ESP esp(&Serial1, PIN_ENABLE_ESP);

void setup() {
esp.wifiConnect(SSID, PASS);

void loop() {

I have now some question I can’t answer:

  • Is it the shortest code possible to get a wifi connection?
  • How can I set a static IP?
  • Which are the esp. commands available?
  • Can anybody give me the right code to send an email (probably with ifttt), please?

I think it’s the shortest code for connecting wifi. Please check our wiki first.

I already did it but perhaps my knowledge is too low to understand it. I didn’t find any help there.
Do you mean I have to upload the firmware for “AT commands”?
I’m sorry but I find your wiki chaotic and messy and I can’t find any help there.