Why does website always show "out of stock"?

Just wondering why your website always shows “out of stock” for the BlueDuino, but I can clearly still order that product from aliexpress (from you)? I would be worried that many potential buyers are going first to your website, finding products that are out of stock, and then just leaving without thinking to check on aliexpress. Might be a better idea to just direct all purchases to aliexpress and stop showing “out of stock” on your site.

Just a suggestion. :slight_smile:

Our developer have change it to “In Stock” status. Please have a try.

Thank you for your great suggestion. That’s helpful for us.

It works now! Please send me 10% commission for all the new sales in the next 30 days. :laughing:

Yes. You got it. I’ve sent a coupon code to your private message.

Thank you again.