Where the data?

I have BLE device connected to BLE Gateway. Everything works well, but I don’t understand where full data from my device? RAW data from Nordic scanner contain 28 bytes as it should be in theory! (https://www.silabs.com/community/wireless/bluetooth/knowledge-base.entry.html/2017/02/10/bluetooth_advertisin-hGsf)

But data from BLE Viewer, and data that I receive through paho.mqtt.client for Python contains 21 bytes RAW advertising data.

Where the data?

Did you enable any advertising filter for the gateway? Don’t enable “Duplicate Filter”. It may block some advertising data like your screenshot of the app

I don’t use “Duplicate Filter”.

The data complete local name is scan response data. Our gateway do passive scan only default. You can only get the advertising data when you enable the option Active Scan.

Download our latest config tool to enable the option.

Note: Some features of the config tool are only available for beta firmware.

I installed the config tool version v1. 2. 18 for windows. The interface has changed, but the program shows the version “Firmware Version”. I clicked “OTA Firmware Update”, “Batch Update” - no changes.

BLE Viewer shows 21 bits of data for my BLE device, but at the same time I see more data for other devices (I do not know what kind of device it is, maybe neighbors)

I set the JSON format for output - it works well, but again for my device 21 bits.

try to power up the gateway again

Great! The data has appeared! But they come as a separate package. It shouldn’t be like this.

It should be two advertising datas. One is normal advertising data and another one is scan response data.