What region values to use to detect unmodified iBeacons?


I received a few new beacons from AprilBrother last week. I have this block of code, but the ranging listener is never called. However, the AprilBrother app from Google Play is able to show all the beacons in the “devices” section.

            this.manager.setRangingListener (new BeaconManager.RangingListener () {
                    public void onBeaconsDiscovered (Region paramRegion, List<Beacon> paramList) {
                       // ....

            region = new Region ("abeacon", "fda50693-a4e2-4fb1-afcf-c6eb07647825", 0, 0);

            try {
                    this.manager.startRanging (region);
            } catch (Exception exception) {
                    // ...........

The identifier is arbitrary. The AprilBrother app shows names abeacon_55DF and abeacon_55F4, but not editable in the app. Are they identifiers? But this cannot find any beacon either :

           region = new Region ("abeacon_55DF", null, null, null);

UUID comes from the AprilBrother app. I have tried both capital and small letters, but same outcome. I have also tried null for both major and minor, but nothing detected in ranging either.

Am I doing something wrongly?

Thanks in advance.

Update :

I realized I did not call manager.connect(). With manager.connect(), the beacons are now detected.

But the question remains, what identifier should be used in region when calling manager.startRanging()?

You can just understand identifier is the name of region. it can’t be null and not effect scan result.
just for you to know the region is which one