What is the functionality of the button (when pressed )in an Asensor April Beacon


We have a ASensor Beacons and when pressing the button in it blinks the LED Light in it ,So the question is, does it transmit any packet data when pressed or what exactly it does when it is pressed other then the LED blink. Went through this documentation of ASensor BLE beacon , in it read the Advertising Type Comparison section which depicted the function of Asensor button as “No effect” when pressed . Please Help.

For enable the button

  1. change the sensor to iBeacon mode
  2. add second UUID group (non-zero value) by our app AprilBeacon
  3. save

It will advertise the second UUID 30 seconds if you pressed the button

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Thank you team, for the information.

Hi Team, I have one more question. Is there any way by which we can get our MACaddrees from other Ble Informations, like once we get connected to a BLE device we get the ServiceUUIDs. Is it possible to get the MACaddrees from these ids or is there any other way to get back the MACaddrees other than through Scanning.Ultimately want to get back/decode the MACaddress of a connected device other than scanning. Please Help.

ASensor only advertises mac address when it’s in Sensor mode. See the package format.

You can scan and get mac address with Android directly. But iOS not

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