Using Websocket with ble gateway v4

Hi, I am using ble gateway v4,
and I get everything through the httpserver example,
is there an example using sockets?
I can’t understand how to hear the word data and end in the sockets.

Did you configure the Request Format to JSON? Your code try to parse the data in JSON format.

Do you use the ws library for nodeJS? Show me the code how you start the WebSocket Server.


import WebSocket, { WebSocketServer } from 'ws';

const wss = new WebSocketServer({
  port: 8080,
  perMessageDeflate: {
    zlibDeflateOptions: {
      // See zlib defaults.
      chunkSize: 1024,
      memLevel: 7,
      level: 3
    zlibInflateOptions: {
      chunkSize: 10 * 1024
    // Other options settable:
    clientNoContextTakeover: true, // Defaults to negotiated value.
    serverNoContextTakeover: true, // Defaults to negotiated value.
    serverMaxWindowBits: 10, // Defaults to negotiated value.
    // Below options specified as default values.
    concurrencyLimit: 10, // Limits zlib concurrency for perf.
    threshold: 1024 // Size (in bytes) below which messages
    // should not be compressed if context takeover is disabled.