URIBeacon Support / Custom ZeroBeacon firmware?

I have an AprilBeacon 302 and I was wondering if there are plans to support the Google URIBeacon protocol. A CC2541 implementation already exists:


Is there a guide to developing custom ZeroBeacon-compatible firmware?

The AprilBeacon 302 is based on TI’s CC2540. The example also works for CC2540.

You can build your custom firmware these steps:

You will get a custom firmware for CC2540.

How burn the firmware? It’s a problem. You need open the 302 casing. There’s five pins for CC Debugger jTag connection.

  1. GND
  2. VCC
  3. P2.2
  4. P2.1
  5. RESET

Got it. Any advice on opening the case without destroying the beacon? :slight_smile:

For opening the case, you will destroy a side of the case.

We can send additional cases to you for your next order.

You can also buy the “not assemble” version 302. So you can assemble the usb case yourself.