Urgent help needed with NRF52810 ABSensor N01

Hi there!

Setup include Arduino MKR1010WiFi connected to HM-10 module and 2 units of NRF52810 ABSensor N01.

Serial works well, I can send AT commands and get response. Setup includes the following:

Then sending DISI? I can see the following:

  1. Where can I find the meaning of this?
    Looking at the packet description means nothing, the format is different.

  2. How can I read the accelerator, led and button values of the ABSensor?

Sample code is needed, please.

Clarification - HM-10 unit is used because the radio chip on the Arduino is busy with WiFi and can’t be used at the same time for BLE.

Thanks a lot for any help!


Please download our app AprilBeacon to connect ABSensor N01. Check the firmware revision and hardware revision.

I’d like to get the screenshot of the app and confirm the device model.


Below please find screenshot of the app. In most cases when I click on the device it says “getting device info…” and after a while it returns to home screen. In some cases, like 1 out of 10, it enters the device and show for both units C2F1272DE79B and C5B73234D71E
Model number 2.0.0.
Firmware version 4.0.0

Hope this helps.

That’s strange

  • The model number should be 2.0.1 if it’s ABSensor N01.
  • Please take a photo for the sensor.

Thank you

Pictures of products:

Other side:

I sent a private message about OTA firmware for you. Please check it.