Upgrade firmware file and manual for BLEShield?

Hello, I want to upgrade BLEShield firmware, (need AT+SCAN0 command, hope to get scan rate at least once per second) can’t find instructions and firmware file on wiki page. Need help to locate them.

I will add the document and link here today.

Please download firmware file here. Here’s the instruction for how to upgrade firmware for BLEShield.

The version 2.1 also added a new AT command for scan duration:


The param1 is the scan duration in seconds.

I had “Download completed successfully”. The device is not responding to AT @ 115200kbps anymore. I also tried AT @ 9600. (of course I send EOL after AT in both cases). Is there anything else I need to know?

The default baud rate is 9600. Did you input the AT command with “\r\n”? You can also try to upgrade again to confirm the upgrade have been ok.

I apologize for delay, no I’m not sending “\r\n”. Should I?

You can try it again with “\r\n”.

No luck, seems that I bricked it, it’s not accepting new firmware again either.

Anyway thanks for your assistance.

So sad -_-

Please note me if you will order from us again. We will send an additional BLEShield to you.