Unable to find AB BLE Gateway v4 with Gatewayconfig tool with internal network

Steps taken: 1. Connect Ethernet cable and USB cable to gateway.
2. Do the configuration by key in SSID and wifi password (internal network).
3. unplug Ethernet cable after save the network changes.
4. Unable to find the BLE gateway with gatewayconfig tools after that.
5. No issue if i using external network (without any restriction).

I’m using firmware version

Any advise on that where I can connect the gateway with internal network?

Does your WiFi network support 5G only? Gateway can only work with 2.4G WiFi AP


The wifi is on 2.4GHz.

Please take a screenshot for the Network page.

Hi ,

Please find the screenshot for network page below.

Sorry. I mean the Network page of config tool.


Please find the network page screenshot below.

Your colleague contacted me by email also. See my private message. I will ask some questions