Udid changes related errors


I am using Beacon 241 for the first time. I am using the iphone app to configure the beacons. I need to change their udid. I go to the bluetooth menu option and select the listed beacon. I get the error “The periperal has disconnected”. how do i change the udid?

Can someone please guide me on how to do this?

Nagaraj GN

Please refer the blog and try again.

Thanks. I did refer to the ios guide. the guide has no information on root cause of the error i get and the solution.

The moment i tap the beacon in the bluetooth menu, the app tries to connect to the beacon and then gives me error " The periperal has disconnected"

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G N Nagaraj

What’s your iOS version? Please re-enable the bluetooth and try again.

You should close to the beacon for better connection.

ios 8.4

the beacon is closed.

I mean keep the phone near the beacon as possible.

:smile: its about 15 cms away!

As a new user i cannot upload screen shots, else i could have shown the error screen. The app detects the beacon but does not connect to it in the bluetooth menu


I think you should try to re-enable bluetooth or restart the phone.

We have tested many phones.

how does one re-enable bluetooth on iphone 5?

Open Settings.app -> Bluetooth, disable and enable it.

i reset the bluetooth and powered off my phone and switched it back. I get the same error. Is there a email id where i could mail the screen shots

I have sent you a private message. Please check it.

pl check your email. Any help will be deeply appreciated

Have you changed the advertising interval to a big value? It will be difficult to connected if the advertising value is too big.

No default values. Is there a possibility of the beacon being faulty? It relieved it on wed last week from a reseller on eBay.in

How can I rule out beacon fault ? Are there any tests?

  • Do you have any other iOS device?
  • Which model AprilBeacon did you buy?
  • Please send me the link you bought.


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I have a ipad2. But it’s not ble enabled

I’m so sorry. No any ideas if you can’t found other iOS devices.

You can contact the reseller for a refund.

Dear Aprilpea , You should focus on resolving the issue rather then asking the person to get it refunded. If you still insist for him to get it refunded then i am the seller from india who sold the item to him. The Cost incurred to buy the item from you + shipping cost+ import custom duty + Local Shipping Cost in india would you pay in Chinese RMB to my china Bank account for the lost of faulty module ? I would be glad to give him new pc for replacement.

Hi, I tried with another iphone 5s. Same error.

The April Beacon ios app detects the beacon and shows it. When I go to the bluetooth menu of the app, I can see the beacon. The moment i select the beacon, it tried for a long time to connect to it to get the settings and the connection fails, giving the rror I had described and attached the screen shots in my earlier posts in this thread.