Time between ProximityUUID1 and ProximityUUID2

Hello - I’m using AprilBeacon N01 (a wonderful product by the way!) in iBeacon mode.

I have configured both ProximityUUID1 (uuid: B5B182C7-EAB1-4988-AA99-B5C1517008D9, Major: 1, Minor: 25677) and ProximityUUID2 (uuid: E2C56D85-DFFB-48D2-B060-D0F5A71096E0, Major: 0, Minor: 0).

I’ve built an iOS app that listens for both UUID’s. I can range for the default ProximityUUID1 and when I move the sensor I can range for ProximityUUID2 - almost instantly (1000ms or less) . But when I stop moving the sensor it can take on average 5-6 seconds before I can range for the default ProximityUUID1 again.

If I increase the Advertising frequency above 700 - for example to 1400 I can increase the delay to 10 seconds but I can’t seem to decrease it below the 5-6 second average.

Is there anyway to reduce the time to range for ProximityUUID1 again? I would prefer that the switch between both UUID’s be equal in length - ideally 1000ms or less each time.

thanks so much!

Do you want to switch back to ProximityUUID1 in 1~ second? Could you describe your application?