Terminologies used in April Brother iBeacon application

I have recently purchased iBeacons from you and currently confused with some terminologies used in your application. Please give me the details about that.

  1. UUID in the sticker is different from what the UUID displayed in the application ? Which UUID we should use to check the contents ?
  2. Is it possible to change the UUID as user specific ?
  3. Please give an explanation on following terminologies;
    3.1. TxPower
    3.2 Measured Power
    3.3 Advertising Interval
    3.4 Why we want to put Device Password ? Would you explain one scenario
    In the Read-only information section
    3.5. System Id ( Currently showing "Get Failed ") please explain
    3.6 What is PnP Id (Shows “Get Failed”)

Please give me a clear explanation on this as i am pretty new to Beacons. Awaiting.



  1. Which app did you use? Could you please take a screenshot for the different UUID?

  2. Yes. Which beacon model did you buy? The sticker 306 can be changed by app. The model 302 can be changed via USB port by PC.

  3. TxPower, it will affected how far the beacon can broadcast.

  • 0 dBm - 30m+
  • -6 dBm - 15m+
  • -23 dBm - 5m+
  1. Measured power, please refer the link
  2. Advertising Interval, it defines the beacon advertising freq. For example, 100ms means the beacon will advertising every 100ms. It will advertising 10 times per seconds.
  3. The passoword used for prevent anyone to change the parameters of the beacon.
  4. System Id is the mac address for the beacon. “Get Failed” is maybe a bug of the app. We will check it.
  5. PnP Id is mean the Plug and Play ID for Bluetooth. You can check it at Bluetooth Sig site.

System Id and PnP Id showing "Get Failed " beacause it used not often so the app have not to read the value