Switch to Eddystone for EEK beacon

Physical Web can’t detect my beacon. But the EEK app can detect it.
How can I get the Physical Web app to read it, so I can modify URL?


Our EEK beacon can’t be modified by Physical Web app. Can you do it with our app AprilBeacon?

Okay, I can change URL with AprilBeacon app.

but it can be detected by the Physical Web app?

How can I make it trigger the Physical Web page in Chrome? Or wake up phone?

Thanks pea

Please change the URL to secure URL “https://”, otherwise it can’t trigger chrome.

Thank you Pea. Used HTTPS, switched on Physical Web in Chrome, but still not triggering. Am I missing something? :slight_smile:

Please check “Explore the Physical Web with Chrome”. I just tested again and it worked.


Thanks for the reply. Yes it works if I look for it, but it doesn’t trigger/wake up the phone.
Any idea why?

It’s not enough if you have HTTPS -> HTTP redirect, you’ll need to have all the sites with HTTPS and valid certificates.

Thank you very much for your sharing.

Thank you finbeacon, and aprilpea, for your help.

  1. Got it, what you’re saying is this only works for sites with a HTTPS address?
  2. How can I access sub pages or urls. Like instead of
    I want to access a specific profile like

The app doesn’t allow me to modify, keeps putting up an error.


Please check the eddystone-url page here. The length of URL is limited to 17 bytes. For long url, you can convert it to short url such as goo.gl. The url also support https.

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