Step by Step setup for Newbie wishing to transmit (Android)

Good morning,

I am new to this, and trying to understand what are the right steps to create a transmitting beacon (when a phone with Bluetooth comes nearby, it wakes up).

  1. To modify the AndroidManifest.xml file, would I need to root the phone? Is there a way around this?
  2. The AprilBeacon app on android seems limited, but I can understand how to modify parameters. It keeps crashing when I change password though.


It does not need to root the phone.
You can try this demo when the app find the beacon you can send a notification to wake up the phone.
The AprilBeacon app crashing , did you use AprilBrother’s beacon Perhaps you can try this app

Is the libs directory in the phone? Do I have to root it?

“Copy ab-sdk-beta.jar to your libs directory.
Add following permissions and service declaration to your AndroidManifest.xml:”

Ok I’ve managed to put the SDK in the phone, now how do I get the Beacon to wake it up?
Also can I push a URL?


It’s the libs for you to write a app,
it’s not the libs directory in the phone, you should to write a app to do that.