Sniffer does not sniff

I have ABsniffer 501 UART device. Successfully connected to PC, received AT command, answered… but not searching. It always answers only AT+SCAN1. Always solid red LED. Vers 1.0.2

What I am using?

  • casual beacon (defenitely working)
  • android 5.0 software transmitter
  • ipad software transmitter
    they all both see each other, but ABSniffer does not :frowning: What’s the problem?

Here is terminal log:

voltage is 2.5 if it is make sence. I got it from COM-port RS232 pin 7, maybe it is not enough for sniffer?

Okay, right, it works fine under 5.0v.
issue closed.

but it will be fine if you add some error messages in AT answers.

Great! Thanks for your response.