Simple demo for blueduino?

I want to create a simple data monitor between two blueduino’s. Ideally while ignoring any potentially ‘rogue’ senders (ie: encryption or ignore data from unknown sender).
While I was able to send data from one to the other, I am fairly sure I’m doing it wrong, as it doesn’t remain working for long. I will need to have multiple pairs talking in proximity, which is why I need to ignore other senders than the one that is expected.

ie: Sender1 —> receiver1
Sender2 —> receiver2
But reciever2 should never ‘hear’ or pay attention to sender1

The receivers will need to sleep .5 to 1 second in between data to help maximize battery life


Do these blueduino pair fist? Or sender just advertising and receiver scan advertising data?

I can pair them manually; but I’m after some simple code examples on how to keep them private…

You can do the auth work yourself. Let’s say there’re Sender1 and receiver1.

  • Sender1 start pair with receiver1
  • Sender1 should send auth string “hello blueduino” to Receiver1 in 10 seconds, or receiver1 should disconnect directly

You can do the logic in arduino sketch