Signal blocked for using ”AprilBeacon" & 搖一摇助手” App

If someone connect ibeacon to read ibeacon status (such as major/minor etc) without any password by ”April Beacon” 或 ”搖一摇助手”, the ibeacon will not broadcast signal to the public.
Is there any timeout to connect ibeacon by 搖一摇助手”? I worried that someone use these app to block ibeacon signal outside.
How can I protect this issue?

The AprilBeacon has a “deploy” mode for prevent someone connect the beacon. But it’s not directly opened.

I think “timeout to connect” is a good idea. We’ll add the function next version.

I am using 省電王Beacon. Would you teach me how to enable deploy mode in the beacon?
Thanks a lot!

Moreover, you mean that “timeout to connect” is the feature in app or feature in firmware of beacon.

“timeout to connect” is the feature in firmware. 省電王Beacon does not support deploy mode yet.

I’m so sorry.

Seems it is good news for this feature for 省電王. Please let me know if you have updated firmware in next version. I can flash this firmware into existing 省電王 beacon.

If your company deploy another new model of 省電王 beacon, I think deploy mode is good idea because I found other company with same problem with connecting beacon without broading signal by your company configuration app.

We will install around 30 to 40 省電王Beacon around End of this month which purchase previously. Will you updated firmware for “timeout to connect” feature in near future?
We are waiting for your good news.
Thanks a lot!

Ok. We will working on the feature these days.

Thanks a lot!


We have finished the feature for disconnect when timeout. I can send a firmware to you for upgrade.

Please check you private message first.

Seems timeout to connect is too short now and I can send email to you for further discussion for other possibility