Setting up iBeacon Receiver Issues

I bought 4 Wireless iBeacon Receivers to test and have a problem with 2 of the 4.
I couldn’t use the Texas Wifi Starter on any of them, but I used the trick with AP mode to setup a wireless profile.
I could do that for all 4, and all 4 received an IP-address on the wireless network, but only 2 of them were reachable on that ip-address.
After further experimenting, the 2 that do work both have version 2.0.7, and the 2 that don’t work are version 2.2.0
Is that the firmware version? Am I doing something wrong or has something changed for that version?

Where did you find the version 2.0.7/2.2.0? Could you please take a screenshot?

Thank you.

At the bottom.

Could you please post a string that the receiver send to mqtt broker? There’s a field contains the firmware version.

For example:

{"id":"123456789012", "v":"0.2.1",......}

I have problems whit my reciever to.

My web interface looks very different?

just in the menu on top.

Overview Profiles Setup

Firmware Version: 0.7
System Up Time: 0 days 00:00:23
Device Mode: Station
Mac Address: F4:B8:5E:44:B2:7D
Access Point IP:

Please describe your problem in a new topic. The new firmware v0.7 goes with a new web interface.

Thank you.