Send and receive data blueduino rev1

Hello, I have some blueduinos rev1, the ones with the bluetooth in the back, I was wondering how can I configure it to send and receive data, I tried to use the “Blueduino iOS app” but I cannnot see anyway to send nor receive.


Here’s a test sketch for serial communication. For iOS, here’s also an example.

Hello, yes I tested both sketches, but it seems I can only communicate to the BLE with a couple sets of commands, is there an AT command that allows me to send data to the iOS?

You can use app LightBlue to test serial transmission.

  • Open app LightBlue
  • Connect to the device ZeroBeacon
  • Set notification on for characteristic 0xFFF0 -> 0xFFF2
  • On the BlueDuino side, write text such as “hello” to tx, your iOS will receive the string
  • On iOS side, write ascii text to 0xFFF0 -> 0xFFF1, blueduino will receive the string

Nope, the LightBlue app just doesnt connect to the blueduino, it says it timed out

Any solution for this issue? I think I am having similar problem.

Please describe your issue. Did you see the timeout warning too?

What sketch are you running? Some of the example sketches reset the bluetooth every few seconds. Try using the “chat” example sketch, I was seeing similar disconnects but then realized it was my sketch. Switch to the chat sketch solved it for me.