Secure WebSocket


I try to interface the gateway V4 with AWS API Gateway using web socket.

Is it possible to use secure web socket (wss://…) with the gateway V4 ?


could you please send me a link about AWS API about secure web socket?

Here is a link about AWS web socket on API gateway :

Here is information about secure websocket (built over HTTPS) :

Here is a test endpoint for you : wss://

Thank you for your help !

Hi !

Did you find what is the problem ?
Does the gateway support secure websocket ?


It’s possible. We’re working on the firmware for adding options for custom SSL key files. It should work for secure WebSocket/HTTP/MQTT

We tried add server certificate for WebSocket client. A new beta firmware is available now. Are you interested in test the firmware?

Yes I’m interested in test the firmware.
How can I get the new firmware version and instruction to update it ?

please tell me the current firmware version of your gateway.

Firmware Version
Hardware Version 4.0

I will send the upgrade steps to you by private message soon.