RedBear Duo with Blueduino

Hi!, Does anybody succesfully connected a RedBear Duo as a Peripheral to a Blueduino acting as Central? thanks

For peripheral that can be connected by BlueDuino, it must have service UUID 0xFFF0 and characteristics 0xFFF1 and 0xFFF2.

Hi @aprilpea, thanks!!!. i’ll try it … by now i’ve already successfully connected a redbear duo (central) and a blueduino (peripheral) for transfering data … my next question is how can i detect from my blueduino sketch, that the ble connection is established with other device in order to transfer data just in case ble connection is succesful? … something equivalent to the next sentence: if (BLE.getState() == BLE_CONNECTED) { …}

use this command AT+CONN?


query connection status



  • 1 - connected
  • 0 - disconnected

Hi @aprilpea … you mean from the sketch (not from the serial monitor)? and, once it is connected, is not supposed that the AT commands can not be used? thanks

peripheral can response to at commands when connected