Receiving data from Blepad to my PC

Hello forum,

I have bought the Blepad module and I am trying to receive data from the board to my PC using the hyperterminal in my PC , I have paired the board to the PC and open a com port in the hyperterminal , but I am not receiving any data from it.

I have uploaded the setCmd example to the Blepad board. Can anyone help me?

Are there any help files for the instructions of the library?


Please follow these steps.

  • Upload sketch serialMonitor instead.
  • Open the serial monitor in Arduino IDE and set the baud rate to 9600
  • Connect your phone to BLEPad. If you use iPhone, you can download the app LightBlue. It’s perfect for BLE testing.
  • Open the characteristic 0xFFF0 -> 0xFFF2 and write some UTF-8 string, you will get it in the serial monitor
  • Open the characteristic 0xFFF0 -> 0xFFF1 and notify on it, write some string at serial monitor, your app will get the string

Let me know if this work

Hello AprilPea,

I am not using iphone but android 4.4.2 to make a connection. Do you think that my phone is not supporting bluetooth 4.0 ?

Also I have tried to connect with another PC with Windows 10 and it is also not connecting , it is bonded, but when I try to connect it can not do it. Maybe also the PC is not supporting bluetooth 4.0?


For Android, please use an app to connect BLEPad. Don’t connect BLEPad by Android directly.

Here’s an app B-BLE you can try.

We haven’t found out which similar software is good for windows 10 yet.


I have tried that but I do not have any results. What version are you using for your Android?


I just downloaded the recently version from Google Play and my Android phone is Nexus 5. What model is your phone?

Hi ,

My phone is Lenovo with Android 4.4.2

Does the phone support Bluetooth 4.0? Please check the parameters from the manufacturer.

Hmm I do not know actually, I will have to see this .And let you know

Hi !

I have tried to pair it also with an iPhone6 but with no result. Also I have installed in my PC a Bluetooth 4.0 USB toggle but also no result on pairing the device .

Can anyone help me here with just receiving data in the Hyperterminal of my PC?


Please install app LightBlue in iPhone first. Use the app LightBlue to connect the BLEPad device.

We have wrote an similar introduction for BLEPad at instructables. Please check the “Step 4: Controlling The Lamp”

Hi , OK I have tested with iphone6 , it seems that it works. But my main issue is that I want to test it with a hyperterminal in windows . Any help on that?

Please follow my first reply and testing with iPhone. You can take a screenshot if that can’t work.