Reading beacons RSSI to triangulate

Hi everybody.

I want to calculate location between ibeacon devices:

We would like to put 3 beacon devices conected to a microcontrolled board (like arduino or raspberry). So we can read those 3 beacons from a same computer… then we want to put an aditional ibeacon device, and try to “see” it from the another 3 devices, so we could try to compute the location from the adicional device.

What devices would you reccomend me?

I appreciate your advices!!

The product ABSniffer meet your requirements. You can scan the beacon nearby by the AT command.

  • ABSniffer 501 can communicate with external microcontroller such as arduino by UART port.

  • ABSniffer 502 have USB connector. You can connect it to PC or Raspberry PI.

Thanks a lot!!

I’m reading the wiki page and I found an example of ALT+SCAN


In that example, what does it mean each data? RSSI is -72? or -58?
What does it mean the number 100?
What is the ID of the beacon transmitter?


The field in the example:


  • mac address : 0017EA915E24
  • proximity UUID : E2C56DB5DFFB48D2B060D0F5A71096E0
  • major : 1
  • minor : 8
  • measured power : -58
  • RSSI : -72
  • battery level : 100

The battery level is optional