RAW Connector Blueduino as V+


I connect Blueduino to USB and tried to use the RAW Connector as 5V Supply for a tiny servo. After connecting, the Blueduino put up some smoke :slight_smile: I quickly pulled the cables and it still works however.

Can we use RAW as V+ for Devices when the Blueduino is connected to USB?

How can we connect a Power Supply to RAW and still keep the USB Connection without destroying the Blueduino?


Now I used the Vcc Output (3.3V) as described to enable a A4988 Stepper Driver (Vdd 3-5.5V) as described here:

I hooked everything up properly, and one Blueduino lost completely serial (unable to connect anymore). I hooked up the second, and the setup worked, but now always when I try to upload the sketch, the upload works, but the Arduino IDE looses connection to the serial, and the serial number increments on one.

So I connect to cu.usbmodem18, upload a sketch (the sketch looses its connection but works), and the device shifted to cu.usbmodem19.

I have all the devices in my MacOS Network Configuration (usbmodem1-19) and I have the devices in /dev/ce.* as well

I suggest you put the BlueDuino and servo with same GND. But split the V+ for them. Don’t put the power together.

Could you please paste the sketch? Did you comment this line code? It will block the code when no serial connection.