Problem UUID and Bleduino

I need a little help about the Bluetooth comunications beetween devices. I have a Bleduino and two ApriBeacons. Once I connect my Bleduino to my PC, I would like to see the UUID of my two ApriBeacons (positioned close to my Bleduino) written on the serial monitor, and store these UUID in two different strings, but i have no idea about the code i should write; can someone send it to me? Thanks a lot


Can you make sure it’s Bleduino or BlueDuino? We can only support BlueDuino.

Let’s try these steps.

  • upload the sketch hardwareSerialMonitor. (get it from our wiki)
  • Open the serial monitor and you will see “Hello BlueDuino"
  • Type command in serial monitor to test device. you will see a string “OK+VERSxxxx"
  • change the BLE module to central mode and scan beacons by AT commands.

Thanks I solve the AT problem but now I upload the program on Bleduino, but at some point the Bluetooth module has stopped working suddenly . I can not see more Bleduino from my Smatphone also redoing the scan does not detect more Bleduino .
How can I restore the functioning of bluetooth ?

I tried again to enter the AT commands as you suggested but no longer execute . At this point I reloaded the sketch on Blueduino form but the BLE on board does not work there are more detected AT commands . You need to reset or depth of the firmware update ?

Thank you

The AT command AT+ROLE2 will change the BLE module to central mode (default peripheral mode). It can’t be discovered at this mode.

You can try these steps:

  • upload the sketch hardwareSerialMonitor. (get it from our wiki)
  • Change the role to peripheral

It will store the role to flash.

I tried again to enter the AT commands and i have solve the problem but every 10/15 seconds no longer execute.
Now if I write AT+ROLE2
the system restart for other 10/15 seconds

well, temporaly i solve but i think you’re have a firmware or cache problem, please verify the anomaly.
If you want i send .ino code.


Please send the .ino code to me. I will check it later.

I have sent a private message to you


I have now sent over a week what you requested but despite reminders to date have not responded aimiei messages you have solved the problem . I think all this unserious , since I have invested more than EUR 700 BLE components of various types. In the future I will see me good to buy products from you