N06 Second advertisement

I am trying to implement a panic button with N06 beacon.
Looks like the second proximity UUID is not working.
I press the button for 3 seconds and it starts advertising the primary UUID for 30 minutes.
I configured a second UUID (tried same UUID different major/minor or different UUID).
Pressing the button does not change the advertisement.
I tried changing switch delay seconds from 1 to 30 and I don’t see any change.

It would actually help in my case to decrease the primary advertisement from 30 minutes to 30 seconds and then pressing the button for 3 seconds (possibly configure that as well) will advertise the primary UUID for 30 seconds and then stop. In this case, there is no need in secondary UUID.

Please confirm the firmware version of N06. We have another firmware works like you said.
Where did you order the N06? Our sales can send the OTA firmware to you

I have firmware
Ordered a sample from Beijing April Brother Technology on Alibaba
Please send me another firmware and I will try updating.
Thank you!