JSON not showing UUID info

I am trying to send the data from BLE gateway v4 in JSON format.
This is what I get if I pick JSON format output option:
“devices”: [

But if I use the python script to parse messagepack output, I get this:
mac: 7FD8CB9C96EE
rssi: -91
UUID: b722b840-712c-4077-9cb7-0aee0e069000
Major: 100
Minor: 1
TX Power: -59

How do I get the same data in JSON output instead of a single string?

You can split the advertising data from 4C000215 and get next 32 characters. It’s just the UUID which you need

yes, I understand that I can split it, just asking why parts were separated into its own readings but the data has not

Gateway v4 upload raw advertising data only. The python script parsed the iBeacon information from the raw advertising data for you.

is it possible to add the option to parse the data in JSON so that parsed data is sent via mqtt?

I think parsing the data at client side is much easier. The gateway works for all BLE devices not just iBeacon tag

ok, thank you