Issue in wiki

1º Into point AT COMMAND AND CONFIG…subpoint: Commands for ZerBeacon 2.0:
In Summary AT+ROLE?, Where you put it:
0: Peripheal…1: Central
you must put it:
1: Peripheal…2: Central

2º Into subpoint: Commans¡ds for ZeroBeacon 2.2.3:
In the Commmand:_ AT+PIN=…The ejemplo:
Where you put it: AT+PUID= 123456
you must put it: AT+PIN= 123456



Thanks you very very much for mention these errors. We’ve fixed them.

These should only effected for version 2.0. The newer version change back to

  • 0: peripheral
  • 1: central

Have you tried with our new v2.2.3 firmware?

Yes I working with de new firmware ZeroBeacon 2.2.3, and de roles 1 peripheral and 2 central work…and the 0 an1 no work.