Interruptions of Beacon Receivers MQTT transmission


I have the problem with iBeacon Receiver’s tranmission via MQQT.

I used 4 iBeacon Receiver’s to collect iBeacon data in parallel using nodejs for receiving and processing it.

I encountered the problem that iBeacon Receiver’s stops sending messages for 10-15 sec or longer.

Sometimes all 4 iBeacon Receivers are wroking properly, sometimes only 3 or 2, or even only 1.

I have no idea what is the reason of this problem, if it happened to you before?

Frequency is set to 1 sec, and all 4 devices using the same port.

When the problem occurs, the green LED of receiver stops flashing.

I hope you’ll be able to help me somehow, any suggestion is greatly appreciated.

Best Regars,
Kamil Radzik

One more thing, when te problem occurs, the green LED on receiver stops flashing but stay ON. In other case sometimes LED diode is OFF, then I have to wait more after it start to work again.

Receiver waits for 30 seconds timeout and trying to access the mqtt broker. it will auto restart if network or mqtt server is not reachable.

How far are these receivers leave from your WiFi router?

All 4 receivers, router and my laptop (with mosquitto and nodejs installed) are located in the same room (4x4m) at the corners.

  • Sometimes when it crashes green LED diode stops blinking is all the time ON.
  • Sometimes when it crashes green LED diode is just OFF - probably attempting to reconnect.

I did some tests and within 3 hours:

  • 118 times 1 of 4 receivers was crashed.
  • 121 times 2 of 4 receivers were crashed at the same time.
  • 38 times 3 of 4 receivers were crashed at the same time.
  • I forgot to add counter to check how many times all of 4 receivers were crached.

Maybe I should replace mosquitto with something else? I am waiting for your advices.

Do you use the mini usb cable we shipped? The usb cable is 0.9 meter long. Shorter is better.

1st receiver - your short cable + 5V - 230V adapter (1A)
2nd receiver - your short cable + 5V - 230V adapter (1A) (samsung charger)
3rd receiver - your short cable + 5V - 230V adapter (1A) (iPhone charger)
4rd receiver - your short cable + my own 1m long cable + laptop USB socket.

is 4rd receiver ok? You’d better replace with a 5V/1A power adapter for it.

The problem applies to the all of the receivers.

Sometimes one of them is crashed, but sometimes several of them simultaneously are crashed,
so 1st, 2nd, and 3rd receivers also crashed, although are connected to power using 5V/1A adapters.

Do you have any other suggestions?

Did these devices auto connect to MQTT again? Please try to change settings of WiFi router

  • Change 11bgn to 11bg
  • Change to other channel

The problem is solved. There is a short list of things I did to achieve the result:

  1. I changed the router, because previous wasn’t able to work as 11bg.
  2. I changed channel manualy.
  3. Each receiver and the server are authorized via IP reservation and MAC filtering.
  4. Beacon Package Interval for network synchronization every 40 milliseconds.
  5. All iBeacon receivers using only short usb cables provided with purchased sets.

Thank you for your help!

Thank you for confirming that. That’s very helpful.

  1. I changed channel manualy.

Which channel did you change to?

I just checked it again and realized that the chanel option is still set to AUTO and it’s working well.