iBeacon's Mac Address is nil

Hello, I’m very interesting in your SDK. It’s very awesome.

I have one issue in using your AprilBeaconDemo(iOS).
I want to get iBeacon’s mac address.
I added my iBeacon’s UUID to transmitters data.
In Ranging Demo and Notification Demo, it can get my ibeacon’s UUID, distance, proximity, major and minor values, But it doesn’t get mac address.

I saw Android SDK, too and tested it. Android SDK works great!
Would you let me know the reason?
And In Ranging by bluetooth Demo, Sensor, it can’t discover my ibeacons.

You need to connect to the iBeacon to get mac address in iOS. Because the iBeacon protocol isn’t include mac address.

"And In Ranging by bluetooth Demo, Sensor, it can’t discover my ibeacons."
what the type of the beacon did you but?

Hello, Thanks for your reply

I called connectToBeacon(), but beaconDidConnected() delegate function is not calling.
Before it connect to beacon, i have to call other functions? My code is below,

beacon.delegate = self ;
[beacon connectToBeacon] ;

If the beacon has password, it can’t connect to beacon? I have to do something for this?

Best Regards,

PS: The error message - “Peripheral is not connected, please connect first” : means that the iPhone is not connected to beacon. right?

You only can connect iBeacon when you use bluetooth scanning.
You can’t connect the iBeacon when you ranged it.


Then I have to call startAprilBeaconsDiscovery?
Although I call startAprilBeaconsDiscovery function, didDiscoverBeacons delegate not called,
Would you let me know the reason?
The beacon has password,

Can you tell me what the type of your iBeacons?