iBeacon Wireless

I downloaded and installed the AprilBeacon App. The Wireless iBeacon this on with two red lights and a fixed orange, and my phone has Bluetooth connected but not detected any Beacon. What can be the cause?

Please check our wiki for WiFi Config.

Thanks for the response. Now I have a new question. which is the function of the fields “major” and “minor”? Which value should be assigned? The RSSI gives us the distance that detects the Bluethoot bracelet, but the value I receive is not fixed, it is different from message to message, and
I do not move from place the cuff/bracelet, is on the same site. How can I solve the problem?

Here’s a link what’s major, minor, UUID.

RSSI stands for Received Signal Strength Indicator. It is the strength of the beacon’s signal as seen on the receiving device, e.g. a smartphone. The signal strength depends on distance and Broadcasting Power value.

RSSI is used to approximate distance between the device and the beacon using another value defined by the iBeacon standard: Measured Power.

Due to external factors influencing radio waves—such as absorption, interference, or diffraction—RSSI tends to fluctuate. The further away the device is from the beacon, the more unstable the RSSI becomes.

Good morning. I’m trying to connect to a iBeacon Receiver and do not get connect with the AprilBeacon application. I put the phone in AP mode with WIFI hello / 12345678 mobile configuration and the móvil indicates that a device is connected, but I do not see in the app. In the App says “No visible iBeacons With configured UUIDs” but I do not know the UUIDs that I have to enter. What is the UUIDs?

Another question, iBeacon Receiver function as signal repeaters Bluetooth?

iBeacon Receiver scan the iBeacon device nearby and post to the remote server side. It can’t work as a standard iBeacon device.

It will collect the proximityUUID, major, minor of the iBeacon devices nearby. Our wiki has more information.

good days, I have two bluetooth bracelets and a Wireless beacon. The bracelets are one next to the other, but the beacon gives me different distances. I should not give me the same distance for both devices? It is necessary to calibrate the bracelets?

Did you calculate the distance yourself? How to do that?

Good morning, I get the message data received from the Beacon. I use the data format of the wiki and once I get the Measured power and RSSI getDistance call the function that calculates the average. What am I doing wrong?

Bytes Description Example

1 - 12 bytes Mac address for beacon F4B85ED84CB7
13 - 44 bytes iBeacon’s UUID,32 bytes 12345678123412341234123412341234
45 - 48 byte major 7DAD
49 - 52 byte minor 33B1
53, 54 byte measured power,minus 255 for real value C6
55, 56 byte Battery level in percent, there will be FF if battery level unknown FF
57, 58 byte RSSI,minus 255 for real value

int TXPower = strtol(BeaconTXPower, NULL, 16)-256;

float doubleRSSIValue= strtol(BeaconRSSI, NULL, 16)-256;

float distance = FormMain->getDistance(TXPower, doubleRSSIValue);

float __fastcall TFormMain::getDistance(int measuredPower, float rssi) {

if (rssi >= 0) {
	return -1.0;
if (measuredPower == 0) {
	return -1.0;
float ratio = rssi * 1.0 / measuredPower;
if (ratio < 1.0) {
	return pow(ratio, 10);
} else {
	float distance= (0.42093) * pow(ratio, 6.9476) + 0.54992;
	return distance;


Good morning,
I have three beacons wireless and I get no access to any of them, so I can not configure them. I have used every possible way, but does not work.

I have used a Wifi Ap connection with hello / 12345678, and I see the Beacon connects but the AprilBeacon application does not detect any Beacon.

I have used the WI-FI Starter application and have gotten the Beacon ip ( Try to access the address or and gives me a server error.

I want to know if I’m doing something wrong, or if I need to do something else.

Thank you.

Did you detect the beacon by our app AprilBeacon? Is your mobile iPhone or Android?

Please try to power off/on your mobile first.

The app AprilBeacon remains in “Loading” and then closes, does not show me the Beacon. I used an Android mobile. Is necessary to share the Wifi with hello / 12345678 for application works?

I have also used the WI-FI Start, application of SimpleLink and I managed to show me the IP of the Beacon, but when I access the IP ( gives me a server error.

I’m confused. We call it wireless iBeacon receiver not just a beacon. Did you mean you can’t access the receiver?

sorry, I thought the Beacon was the same as the wireless beacon receiver. I have to do to set up the receiver?

Could you please take a photo for the device? So we can confirm it.

Thank you.


If the receiver connected you mobile WiFi AP, you can check the file “/proc/net/arp” at your Android file manager. There’s the IP for the device.

Hello again. I need to calibrate the beacons to specify more the distance found. I tried to do with your application AprilBeacon but I can not detect any beacon in the “Beacons” section. However, it detected in the “Bluetooth” section, but in this option, I can not calibrated. What is happening?

I have problems with application Beacon April, I can not change the txpower because it gives me an error password. What is the password? 195,660? Fireware v_3.0.7.1 and review software v 1.3.1

Good morning, I have managed to calibrate the beacons, but the distance continues to fluctuate. The AprilBeacon application modify the txpower but only 0 dBm or -20 dBm. Could you set the program to put the value we want ?. I would like to put the txpower to -30dBm and stop receiving the signal to more than two meters. It’s possible?