iBeacon Reciever

I’m currently exploring using these beacons/reciever in home automation applications (HomeSeer).

I’ve been using the iBeacon Reciever via MQTT, but there i have a few questions:

Are there any plans to opensource the firmware on the receiver? This would be ideal, as It would be nice to be able to implement other protocols/features.

Would it be possible for you to implement MQTT “Last Will and Testament”? The problem I have is when no iBeacons are present the receiver doesn’t send any message so I can’t tell if theres no iBeacons or if the receiver is lost. Alternatively perhaps send blank raw_beacons_data messages if no beacons are present? This would make it easier to tell how long/often a beacon is missing.

How does the 1second interval work? If a beacon has a 100ms interval which broadcast is the data for in the 1s interval MQTT message? Is it possible to expand upon this? (it would be useful to know how many broadcasts from a beacon were received in that 1second).

We’re working on the Over-To-Air feature now. Your suggestion is very helpful. We’ll implentment MQTT “Last Will and Testament” later.

It will scan beacons duration 1 second and send the data to MQTT. The packet will keep only one record for every beacon (The last scan record).

We’ll not open source the firmware yet. But energia is a good start point for cc3200. You can easily program your own firmware by it.

We can talk more details about the hardware specification if you’re interest in it.

Thanks. I was hoping to build upon what was already done, but I will have a look at perhaps creating my own.

Could you provide the stock firmware bin, so that I could re-load it if I attempt to flash with my own?
Where can I find the reference for the Bluetooth module firmware installed on the receiver? Is it the same AT commands for your other devices?

I assume I can just use uniflash via the TTL UART pins I see on the board?

I have sent a private message to you. Please check it.

The firmware for bluetooth module is similar with the AT firmware. But it will start scan automatic and transfer hex data.