Ibeacon Receiver Scan Max Limit

What is limit of scanned IBeacons? Max number supported by IBeacon Receiver scanner in the 1s interval.

The device can scan about 25 iBeacons every second.

Do you have solution for read 150 ibeacons in same room?

No good solution yet. An cellphone can’t also read 150 beacons in every second.

Maybe not 150 but 50 for sure. Do you have plans of open source the code of the receiver to the community so we can improve it?

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My plan is create receiver with Raspberry e BlueZ. At moment I don’t have 150 Ibeacons for test. I will share to the community.

We have also tested BlueZ. It’s faster. But it can’t also support 150+ beacons.

Hello everyone,

I have ibeacon receiver. But I cant use it. I tried a lot of things but not successful. Receiver Power on and wi-fi starter is working at phone. But no find any devices. What am I missing? I need help please.

If each receiver can receive 25 ibeacons, is that possible to communicate between receivers to ensure they won’t receive the same ibeacon’s signal? For example, if I have 2 ibeacon receivers, can I receive 50 ibeacons at the same area?


You can do it at server side. The receivers can’t communicate directly.

Ok The Limit of scan is about 20 to 25 Beacons at per scan,

Is there any way to modify this by firmware?

Maybe changing the scanning time?

Sorry. It’s a hardware limit. We’re trying with other new BLE chip and improve the performance.

What happenes when receiver is surounded more then 25 beacons. Which of beacon informations will be sended to server ?

The receiver will send only first 25~ beacons data to remote server if there’re more than 25 beacons.

If i want to use beacons as crowd control, said a conventions area with over hundreds with wrist band of beacon name tag, what is the suggestion to achieve it?

Please note the receiver will send 25~ random beacons data if there’re many beacons around.

We’re also developing another device that it can get about 50~ beacons per second – AB BLE Gateway. But it’s in alpha status.

Thanks for the prompt reply!

Hope the new units not only raise the amount of beacons it monitoring but also the accuracy, it sound like a good one.

Why I’m asking this because one of my previous job related to huge amount of luggage storage. If you don’t mind please kindly keep me inform of the new unit development, many thanks.

It kind of my school project now, let’s hear this, if using beacons can determine where was each luggage was place on which shelf inside the store room, I can said it can be a solution there were plenty of facilities should interest.

Now I’m working on a UX & UI prototype on this, but good to hear on tech side able to keep up. Would love to discuss more about if you also interest.

Thanks a lot.

You can also get it at eBay if you like be a early bird.