iBeacon Receiver reconnect?

Is there a way how to setup a reconnect interval for MQTT server? When I reboot my MQTT server the iBeacon Receiver is disconnected from MQTT (just two red LEDs light) and is not willing to reconnect.

Thanks, Jan

  • Did it reconnect after two minutes?
  • How can I repeat the issue? We’d like to check the reconnect function.

I have connected iBeacon Reader to Raspberry Pi running mosquitto and works fine.

I can reproduce the issue by:

  1. Shutting down the mosquitto (sudo service mosquitto stop)
  2. Waiting several minutes till green and yellow LEDs went off
  3. Restarting mosquitto (sudo service mosquitto start)
  4. Waiting for 2 hours but the reader is not reconnected
  • Jan

Thanks for your response. We will check it soon.

Just to give you full picture - it seems that iBecon Reader is no more connected to my WiFi after loosing MQTT connectivity… I cannot ping it and I cannot access its web UI.


When did you buy the iBeacon receiver? I’d like to make sure the shipping date.

Thank you.

order time & date: 11:51 Sep. 25 2015

I have sent a private message to you. Please check it.