HTTPS Gateway

I see where I can change the port number in teh setup of the gateway but how do I ensure it uses Https? If I use port 443 does this force HTTPS or is this HTTP over port 443?

It uses HTTPS if you enabled HTTPS option in the config tool. It’s no business with the port number.

Note: The HTTPS feature is added from firmware v1.3.x

you cannnot install 1.3 without an android phone, and i have only one SSID that is 2.4 and 5GHz - and this device will not connect to the network as a result… so there is no way to update from windows and there is no way to get it on the same ssid as my android without creating a total new SSID - just overall very clunky - time to look for a new device.


  1. BLE gateway can connect the SSID If you set same SSID for 2.4G/5G both. But I suggest set a 2.4G only SSID for gateway
  2. Please try to make Android phone and gateway connect to same WiFi network. The config tool will work if Android and phone are same LAN network. e.g. the IP for Android and gateway are all
  3. Our beta firmware supports HTTPS/MQTTS. We will release the firmware to production soon

There is no good way to triage why the device is not connecting wifi - there is no SSH, console log or log history

Mac address - its not listed on the device so I cannot really even tell if the device is on the wifi network. I see teh mac when I hard wire it but not the wifi mac.

It’s still same network if BLE gateway wires with Ethernet cable and Android phone connect to WiFi. So it’s possible to upgrade firmware with the condition.

The WiFi’s mac address is same with label which print on the case of the gateway. e.g. E123AB123181 is mac addressE1:23:AB:12:31:81

The device needs to support HTTPS - that doesnt seem to be asking too much

Did you try with the steps to upgrade the firmware? Do you use only the config tool for windows?