How to increase broadcast receiving ability of BlueDuino as central scanner

I’m using a BlueDuino as scanner and scanning for beacons. The problem is that under the exact same circumstances (distance, line of sight, obstacles, beacon settings), the HM-10 can receive the broadcast from the beacon, while the BlueDuino can not receive anything. If I move the beacon closer, of course both the HM-10 and the BlueDuino can receive the beacon’s broadcast.

Assumptions: I do not want to change the TX or interval settings on the beacon. Plus I don’t want to move the beacon any closer.

Is there some sort of setting on the BlueDuino that I could adjust? Perhaps some sort of power setting or sensitivity setting on the BlueDuino?

My guess is that there is some difference in the antennas which allows the HM-10 to receive a broadcast from farther away than the BlueDuino can receive the same broadcast. At least visually, the antenna on the HM-10 looks much bigger than the antenna on the BlueDuino.


Have you appended external antenna on BLE module?

No, I have not attached an external antenna. I am trying to avoid this if possible. I am wondering if there is any AT command adjustment that I can make to improve the results.

I think no at command can help this.